Passing the safety test is REQUIRED before ANYONE can use the shop.
Individuals must retake the safety test at the beginning of each academic year.

Please read the safety handout thoroughly before attempting to take the test.  The handout and safety test can be found on GauchoSpace in the "ME Labs" course:

To enroll in ME Labs:

  • Log onto GauchoSpace and select “Others” from the Courses tab.
  • Search for “ME Labs” and select the course from the results.
  • Once in the course, click on the “Machine Shop Safety” tab to access the safety handout and take the test.

Please see the ME 12S page for more info on the Introduction to Machine Shop course that is available.

If you have not used the shop in a while, then please review your ME 12S notes or other reference materials in order to refresh your memory; this will be a great help for yourself and the shop staff!

Pants and shoes are required in the shop. Shoes must cover the ENTIRE foot. No Crocs, hiking sandal type shoes, ballet flats, flip flops, etc.  If you can see skin or sock on the top or sides of your foot, the shoes are NOT acceptable.